[2012.3.26] “1 night 2 days” Joo Won caught attention by “amazing voice + funny movements + childlike”

This is when he said: “Please vote for me”

Couting votes

Could sleep inside cuz he had 13 votes

Singing “Snow flower”

“1 night 2 days” Joo Won gave a simple-person’s felling

Joo Won’s attractive exploded on 25 March’s episode of KBS variaty show “Happy Sunday – 1 night 2 days” not only by his perfect performance of singing but also by his childish movements.

On that day’s show, each member of “1 night 2 days” called a female celebrity they’re close with  and asked those female celebrities about “If they become guests of 1 night 2 days, who they want to travel with most ?”

Answer to this question, Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim So Yoen chose Joo Won, so that were 2 votes for him. When asked about the reason why they chose him, Kim So Yoen said: “I just would be so happy if I could go with him”, and answered to the question: “Why Joo Won is that good ?”, Uhm Jung Hwa said: “Because he is the most handsome guy on there”

After heard Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim So yoen’s answers, Joo Won was so happy and jumped up and down like a child and gave audiences the feeling that he’s a simple person.

That was the way members of “1 night 2 days” joked when they took rest at night, called female celebrities to creat a “Who is the most attractive’s vote”.

Joo Won showed his amazing singing ability on the show

In the next morning, 7 members wanted to listen to music since they had nothing to do in the bus, they wanted to listen to Park Hyo Shin’s “Snow flower”, Kim Jong Min turned on his cell phone and played “Snows flower” theme song and Joo Won made other members surprise by his wonderful performance when he sang along to the theme song. Other members said in amaze : “Although it’s different from Park Hyo Shin, he really has talent, no wonder he debuted as a  musical actor”. Kim Seung Woo said: “I have no idea that he has such a wonderful voice, he seems good at everything”.

On that show, Joo Won also showed his funny movements (expressions) no matter what happen, his childlike actions came so naturally.

On that day the staffs of “1 night 2 days” could decide 7 members’ fate (who would sleep inside and the others sleep outside the tent) based on a vote. 7 members had to use their any ways to “begg” for sleeping inside. And that’s when Joo Won’s childlike actions came out, he came to staffs and started to massage them then used a very soft voice with a childlike face: “Please vote for me”. In the end he got 13 votes and could sleep inside.

Audiences on the internet left comments after they saw Joo Won’s expressions: “I love the way he put his heart whenever he does anything”, “He’s smart and independence”, “Although he didn’t say much at first, he always tried his best whenever doing something and I love that.”

Source: https://twitter.com/#!/JooWon_Fanbase/status/184146281474691073/photo/1/large

Eng trans: yoonshinli


5 thoughts on “[2012.3.26] “1 night 2 days” Joo Won caught attention by “amazing voice + funny movements + childlike”

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  2. Thank you my dear Yoon Shin Li….
    We all Joo Won’s hardcore fans are so very lucky to have you and so grateful for all translations you did. You did a very good job and help us get more update news about our Mr.Perfect Dimples~Joo Won ^__^

    • Oh~~~ you’re so sweet Yanna dear, I’m feel very happy when I rad your comments, although the view of this blog is pretty good everyone seems not comments much so it’s make me feel a little bit worry that they not really like this blog, but whenever I read your comments I fell release because I will think maybe at least you like my blog LOL

      • I love your blog too! i visit it often, but sometimes i don’t get the time to comment like i want to…i’ll try more often to boost up the liveliness here!

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