[2012.4.10] Movie “Unidentified Video” (Don’t Click) will release on 31st May

Poster of movie “Don’t Click”

Horror movie “Don’t Click” with Park Bo Young and Joo Won as lead roles will officially release on 31st May

“Don’t Click” is a story about a video known as the “forbidden video” gains attention on the internet. Jung-Mi (Kang Byul) asks her sister’s boyfriend Joon-Hyuk (Joo Won), who works for a special investigation team for cyber crimes, to download the file. After watching the video a series of strange events occurs to Jung-Mi. It’s up to older sister Se-Hee (Park Bo Young) now to save her sister …

As the plan before, this movie would have released in summer last year, but for some reasons it was postponed until now

Coming back to movie screen after 3 years, this time Park Bo Young took the female leading role as Se Hee – the younger sister. Her lovely image on “Speed Scandal” (with Cha Tae Hyun) was received many praises and much love from audiences, now she changes into a horror movie made everyone curious and waiting for this movie

Joo Won took the male leading role as Se Hee’s boyfriend – Joon Hyuk, he will have some romantic scenes with Park Bo Young on this movie. Joon Hyuk is a student who had just graduated and now works for a special investigation team for cyber crimes. He felt guilty because he was the one download the video and gave to Jung Mi then Jung Mi was cursed after watching it. That’s why he decided to protect that two sisters no matter what happen. His image on this movie not only manly but also attractive through his smart and brave on try to find out about that video

Kang Byul took the role of Se Hee’s sister- Jung Mi, is a very friendly and funny person, after watching that video, many scary and mysterious things keep happening to her, this thing made her panic and crazy

Teaser of movie “Don’t Click’

Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1505922950

Engtrans: yoonshinli


May officially become the month that I expect most, “Bridal Mask” will air on 30th May, “Don’t Click” will release on 31st May, “Ojakgyo Brother special” will air on 23rd May and guess what, 14th May is my birthday LOL

May, please come here quickly darling ^_^


10 thoughts on “[2012.4.10] Movie “Unidentified Video” (Don’t Click) will release on 31st May

  1. he..he..can’t wait for his romantic scenes with park bo young..i must watch this movie,coz i like park bo young..i wish his co-star in Gaksital is park bo young..of course i think Uee is still the best for JW but imposible to pair them again after OB
    and BTW my birthday on 23rd May…ke..ke..i,m so happy..OB special??really??faints…faints

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