[2012.4.26] Joo Won, UEE at Peaksang 48th (download link)

This is when they received the best rookie actor/actress prizes:

Peaksang download link: http://www.box.com/s/52aa3c9ef45061a51fe5


7 thoughts on “[2012.4.26] Joo Won, UEE at Peaksang 48th (download link)

  1. Congratulations JooWon and Uee !! Sooo happy for our fav couple and they looked gorgeous tonite ! Yoon dear, thanks soo much for posting this good news very fast ^_^

    • I’m so happy for their win tonight, it really a good news and seeing UEE and Joo Won went together made me have a “homesick” of “Ojakgyo Brothers”

      It’s really great that they won ^_^

  2. Yes, Uee and Joowon deserved to win the Best New Actor and Actress Awards. They gave such an outstanding performance in Ojakgyo Brothers. They not only looked good together, they seemed to complement each other so well. Congrats to our stars!! And Uee looked so beautiful in a Dior creation of pink lace & ruffles!

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