[2012.5.3] Joo Won couldn’t go to “Don’t Click” press conference because of filming “Bridal Mask”

Because of filming schedule of “Bridal Mask” – new drama of Joo Won, he couldn’t go to to the press conference of movie “Don’t Click – unidentified video”

Thriller movie “Don’t Click – unidentified video” has just had a press conference today 3rd May in Seoul with Park Bo Young, Kang Byul, ect…

But it pity that Joo Won couldn’t show up on this press conference because he has to filming for his new drama “Bridal Mask”

“Don’t Click – unidentified video” is a story about 2 sisters have to find the way to save their lives since they had met many scary and misery things after opening an unidentified video from the internet. Go long with these 2 sisters is the sister’s boyfriend (Joo Won’s role) who tries to protect two sisters from the curse of the video

The movie with the slogan: “Don’t click, if you click this, the death curse will begin…” will show on 31st May

Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1567955781

Engtrans: yoonshinli



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