’1 Night 2 Days’ pledge to earn the #1 ratings within the year

The cast members and the staffs of KBS ’1 Night 2 Days’ have pledged to earn the #1 ratings again within the year.

On the June 3rd episode, the members of ’1 Night 2 Days’ held the admission ceremony into the ‘Variety Village’.

As the leader of the cast being admitted to the ‘Variety Village’ Kim Seung Woo gave an oath and they held a flag hoisting ceremony for a flag which read, ‘Ratings’.

During the hosting of the flag Kim Seung Woo made everyone laugh by saying, “I pledge to do my best pouring my body and mind on this for the laughter of the viewers and as well as the infinite deposits to my bank account.”

However the flag stopped in the middle of the pole. It was reflecting the feelings of the production staffs who were pointing out that the ratings is not at the top yet.

Upon seeing this the members along with Lee Soo Geun had all pledged to hoist the flag all the way to the top within this year.

On the episode the members played foot volleyball to build solidarity.

Source: Star News via Nate

English source: http://kpopfever.com/2012/06/1-night-2-days-pledge-to-earn-the-1-ratings-within-the-year/


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