Update Joo Won’s twitter on 4th June

저도 같이 있습니다^^RT @shinhyunjoon_: <실시간입니다> 저는 영주에서 촬영중입니다. 열공 각시탈 히히n_n. pic.twitter.com/PQ4LfDMG

Trans: I’m be with you ^^ RT@shinhyunjoon: I’m in Yeongju to filming, try my bét for “Gaksital” n_n

눈물일꺼예요~~ 아하하하^^ RT @shinhyunjoon_: @Moonjunwon 아까 너 눈물 내 얼굴에 뚝 떨어졌어.. 눈물 맞쥐~? 침.. 아닌거쥐~? ㅎㅎ

Trans: It’s tear~~ ah ha ha ha ^^ RT@shinhyunjoon_: You had a crying scene earlier, your tear dropped on my face..Is it really tear~? It’s not  saliva right~? keke

히히히히. 사랑해.n_m”

Trans: ha ha ha ha. Love you n_m

영주에서 열심히 촬영 중입니다^^ 촬영장 분위기도 좋고, 내용도 재밌습니다~ 많이 기대해주세요^^ 각시탈 화이팅!!^^ 굿밤~~ 뿅♥

Trans: Now I’m in Yeongju to filming ^^ The filming atmosphere is very comfortable, the story line is really awesome~ Please keep supporting this drama ^^ Gaksital fighting!!^^ Goodnight~~pyong

Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1633236872

Engtrans: yoonshinli


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