“1 night 2 days” Joo Won is really an actor: “How can he’s so different with his character?”

Joo Won, why he is so different between the character he play on drama and the guy appear on variety show?

The both attractive side of actor Joo Won made audiences surprised. On drama “Bridal Mask”, he takes the role of Lee Kang To, a cold guy who betrays his country to do many horrible things for Japanese which made audiences see him as a strong actor. But on the KBS variety show “Happy Sunday – 1 night 2 days”, Joo Won shows his cute side as a youngest member which made audiences feel excited.

On the new episode of “1 night 2 days” aired on 3rd June, when Joo Won was on the way to go back to his room, he saw that there was a bug on his room, he said: “I’m scare of bugs or insects that can fly, I can’t face them”. This fact made audiences thought he is a very cute youngest member. In the end, he asked Sung Si  Kyung to put those bugs out of the room. Sung Si Kyung started to joke when he put that bug out: “Should I drag you into this room then lock the door?”

The audiences laughed on surprise about that. Recently audiences can meet Joo Won on his new drama showing at 9:55pm on Wednesday and Thursday on KBS, he gives audiences a whole different image from “1 night 2 days” as Lee Kang To – a police of Japanese police office. On this drama, he;s not just only a cold person who just like a “dog” of Japanese and did many horrible things for them but also a jerk that doesn’t care anybody life.  

Joo Won has built a image as a cute youngest member on “1 night 2 days” since the day he called his mom to ask how to cook the soup and end the call with: “Goodbye, pyong!” to his mother. Now when he’s busy with his filming schedule but he keeps working hard on filming “1 night 2 days” made more audiences and staff love him.

Nitizens usually comment:  “I always think that he is a cutest member, but now I think that he’s also a man”. “When it’s on Sunday, I love a cute youngest member, when it’s on Wed-Thurs night, I love the professional actor taking the role of a jerk”, “Joo Won on “Bridal Mask” is really freaks me out, so scary”, “He’s really ac actor, so cure on “1 night 2 days” and so scary on “Bridal Mask”, both images are so different”

Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1633684809

Engtrans: yoonshinli 


6 thoughts on ““1 night 2 days” Joo Won is really an actor: “How can he’s so different with his character?”

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  2. That is why he is not only an actor, but also a really good actor xDD

    ~Thanks for translation, Yoon^^~

  3. Im a new Joo Won fan!!! I just love his acting in Bridal Mask !!!!! He can be cute and handsome at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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