[Broadcasting Chart] competing Wednesday and Thursday dramas

It’s intense. The three dramas that started off on the 30th of May at the same time are not sparing each other. The percentage difference is only about 1~25. This can be caught up with easily. The aspects also look similar.

KBS 2TV “Bridal Mask”, MBC “I Do, I Do” and SBS “Ghost – Drama” are all 24 parts, 16 parts and 20 parts. A comparison was made with the previous dramas to these three.

Great expectations from the beginning like “The King 2 Hearts”

■ First place, “Bridal Mask”

The current lead is “Bridal Mask”. It was advertised as ‘fun’ even before its release and it is literally the leading drama. It has a wide genre of action, mellow and generation and there’s lots to see in the drama since it started shooting since February. The previous drama was “The Equator Man”. MBC “The King 2 Hearts” started off in the lead as well with Ha Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi and the drama was boosted in ego by its previous successor, “The Sun and the Moon”. The lesson to be learnt by “Bridal Mask” from “The King 2 Hearts” is to easily unravel the politics and history inside it.

Pleasantly succeed like “The roofto Prince”
■ Progress beyond expectations, 2nd “I Do, I Do”

Kim Seon-ah indeed. “I Do, I Do” was considered another romantic comedy before it started. The viewing percentage is about 9~10% landing it in second place. The combination of Kim Seon-ah and Lee Jang-woo is quite nice. “The Rooftop Prince” drew attention to itself with the pleasant and cute atmosphere. The cast of “I Do, I Do” also repetitively said, “The simpler it is, the better to watch” knowing their strengths.

Tight storyline like “The Equator Man”
■ Rebounding? “Ghost – Drama” in third place

“Ghost – Drama” is about cyber investigations. Unlike the worries, the cases in the screen are very realistic. Cases like an actress killing herself for being rumored to have offered sexual exchanges and leaving her will on SNS could happen in the real world. It is disappointing that it comes last out of the three but even “The Equator Man” showed a constant rise after starting off in third place. As much as So Ji-sub is acting 2 roles by himself, many hope for a twist at the end.

Source : sports.hankooki.com/l… ( English )

English source:  http://www.hancinema.net/broadcasting-chart-competing-wednesday-and-thursday-dramas-43497.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


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