Update Joo Won’s twitter on 6th June (in evening)

오늘 각시탈 3회!!! 많이 기대해주세요~~^^

 Trans: Today is Gaksital episode 3!!! Please expect for it~~ ^^

오늘 우리가 모델로 있는 기업행사 로 제주도에 왔는데요. 기다리는 동안 엄태웅이 주원 전화기로 게임하다가 주원이 전화기 돌려달라고 떼쓰는 광경 인데요. 혼자보기 아까워 공개합니다. 얘네 너무 귀엽죠?

Trans: I’ve come to Jeju today, and we have a cooperate model event in here. They’re in the fight when Tae Woong stole Joo Won’s phone and Joo Won is trying to take it back. It’ll be a pity if I just watch it alone and not share to the public.  They’re just too cute right?

 Engtrans: yoonshinli

PS: Okay, first of all, Joo Won always tweets more often than usual when Gaksital has its new episode and second of all, Joo Won-ssi, what the thing on the phone you want to hide or something? Is that why you tried so bad to fight with Tae Woong to take it back? Is it a private messenger from someone special, you guys know what I mean right? LOL


5 thoughts on “Update Joo Won’s twitter on 6th June (in evening)

  1. hahaha… he is so cute. i just wonder how he can has act so evil in d drama when he is actually very kind and cute boy! i agree with you. he must hiding something precious! 🙂

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