Update Joo Won’s twitter on 6th June

굿모닝~~ 오늘도 활기차게 시작합니다^^ 모두 굿데이~~♥ Trans: Good morning~~ Let’s start today with a strong feeling^^ Wish you guys have a nice day~~

영화 “미확인 동영상” 반응도 좋고 잘 되고 있습니다^^ 감사해요~~ 계속 많이 사랑해주세요~^^ 맛점 하세요~

Trans: Movie “Don’t Click – unidentified video” received so much love from you^^ Thank you~~ Please keep supporting to this movie~^^Please go watch it~

화이팅!!!RT @BYULBYULBYUL: 보영이랑!!미확인동영상 무대인사돌고있어요!! 오늘 날씨덥네요~~^^더운날엔~? 공포영화가 짱이죠ㅎ흐흐 미확인동영상 많이사랑해주세용!♥ yfrog.com/oc31orxaj

 Trans: Fighting!!! RT @BYULBYULBYUL: With Bo Young!!! Celebrate to the success of movie “Don’t Click”!! Today the weather is little bit hot, right~? Maybe should go to watch horror movie ekeke Please keep supporting movie “Don’t Click – unidentified video”! ♥

Engtrans: yoonshinli

they are so beautiful on this pic ^_^


3 thoughts on “Update Joo Won’s twitter on 6th June

  1. yes..Indeed..they are so beautiful !!!!especially PBY..she is cuuute
    should i watch this movie??OMG..i didn’t dare..i’m afraid i can’t sleep after that…
    i,m so glad his movie “Dont Click” is success and receives a lot of interest!!
    and now Gaksital..i hope this week..the ratings will get higher than last week..FIGHTHING!!!!

    • agre!! Bo Yeong is so cute, she looks so innocent xP
      I want to watch Don’t Click, but it seems that it won’t come out in Indonesia although it was included as one of the Asia country which will have Don’t Click on cinema T,T

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