Cantata coffee CF caught attention by customers

Drinking Stuffs Lotte Chilsung from 2nd this month started to broadcast Cantata CF on television with the name “Cantata – real coffee will remained powders on the bottom of the cup” which caught attention by the customers.
Cantata stick coffee TV CF has a background on the court with the argument about real coffee powders.
Especially is thw appearance of actor Joo Won and actress UEE with acting ability made the CF became a huge success.
Drinking Stuffs Lotte Chilsung gave to the viewers the full story of Cantata CF with 5 minutes about the real coffee powders will remained on the bottom of the cup and real coffee powders will have a very special smell. This CF is becoming more and more famous which received so much love from viewers.
One related person from Drinking Stuffs Lotte Chilsung said: “Cantata stick CF this time use a new idea to introduce their coffee by a unique CF with the court and everything. We all know that polices and lawyers drinking so many cups of coffee a day so that when they watch this CF, they’ll love it and they’ll think about buy it as well”
Engtrans: yoonshinli

3 thoughts on “Cantata coffee CF caught attention by customers

  1. i think Uee & JW are who made the CF became so popular and reached a huge success
    Cantata knew this lovely couple can make their coffee more famous which received soo much love from viewers..because the viewers loves OB.., JW and Uee ….. like we did…..*pyong*

  2. Yeah, I wouldn’t have given it much thought if it weren’t for Joo Won and Uee. Brilliant performance! They should try their hand in a criminal investigation/law drama or film together next.Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there’s a sequel to the hit drama- OB? They fit so well together- like a glove. The CF is very effective and I’ve been looking for Cantata Coffee ever since. Unfortunately, still can’t find it in Brunei!

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