“Bridal Mask” Joo Won: actor who can does action, singing, dancing scenes

Actor Joo Won recently became more popular for his ability on drama “Bridal Mask” who has a good acting and even can act action scenes, dancing scenes and singing scenes as well.

Actor Joo Won now is joining drama at 9:55pm on Wednesday and Thursday night of KBS “Bridal Mask” is showing his attraction not only by his amazing acting but also his talent as a singer, a dancer and a master of material arts.

First of all, Joo Won debuted as a musical actor, that’s why he has such a beautiful voice and a flexible body on dancing. He has been showed his voice many times on variety program like Win Win, 1 night 2 days and some fan meeting events. On drama “Bridal Mask”, Kang To is a man who can sing which made so many girls fall for him and now Joo Won is making the same thing on his fan girls and the viewers.

Second of all, Kang To at first is a police, then becomes hero Bridal Mask (Gaksital) which mean he has many action scenes. Before joining this drama, Joo Won had to learn material arts. Viewers can see his effort on learning when he gave the viewers many beautiful action scenes on drama.

The most important factor is Joo Won’s role on drama is Lee Kang To, a “prince charming” of the city. A Korean but working on police office for Japanese, fight against his own country, trying to complete mission Japanese give him no matter what, doesn’t care about other people. In order to capture Gaksital, he use Mok Dan as a prey. Kang To is such a jerk but viewers juts can’t hate him. They feel sorry for him when they see inside Kang To’s heart is pain, he just want to protect his family and now he has to kill his first love. All thanks to Joo Won’s acting.

Besides, on the episode has aired on 7th June, Kang To finally know Mok Dan is Boon Yi, his first love who he thought was dead. He suffered a deep shocking. The sad love story of Kang-Dan couple is officially started, what will happen to them. please wait more today new episode of drama “Bridal Mask”

Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1657814831

Engtrans: yoonshinli


8 thoughts on ““Bridal Mask” Joo Won: actor who can does action, singing, dancing scenes

    It’s fine with me when “The sad love story of Kang-Dan couple is officially started”.
    Coz I’m more thrilled with Kang To-Hong Joo relationship start to tell you the truth, hehe…
    *please don’t kick me out :P*

  2. Vote Joowon for The 20s Male Drama Star in Mnet 20s Choice Award, please…he’s still in the last position 😦

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