‘Bridal Mask’, Joo Won & Shin Hyun Joon like brothers BTS

On the June 16th installment of ‘Entertainment Relay’, some of the stories from behind the scenes of KBS 2TV Wed/Thu drama ‘Bridal Mask’ were shared.

Regarding the fact that there are many scenes in which his character is yelling actor Joo Won relayed “It’s tiring.”

Joo Won added explaining, “The character of Gang To has to appear furious. Because I have to show the transformation…”

Actor Shin Hyun Joon also shared about his character. Shin Hyun Joon said, “He’s someone who pretends to be a babo (a mentally challenged person, a fool) but isn’t really. I worried about it a lot because I thought people may say, ‘He’s like Kibong‘.”

Shin Hyun Joon also added, “I read in an article that the three most memorable babo characters in Korea are Young Gu, Maeng Gu, and Shin Hyun Joon. I think I should stop playing babo characters but if it’s a different kind of a babo I think I could take on the challenge again.”

Joo Won also commented on Shin Hyun Joon, “I think Shin Hyun Joon hyung is really a babo. He acts younger than his age so it’s really comfortable around him as a hoobae” sharing about his sunbae’s easy going personality reflecting their closeness.

Shin Hyun Joon and Joo Won were also caught on camera doing the wave together while waiting for the shoot to set up showing off their friendship.

‘Bridal Mask’ airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55pm.

Image: KBS ‘Entertainment Relay’
Source: TV Report via Nate

English source: http://kpopfever.com/2012/06/bridal-mask-joo-won-shin-hyun-joon-like-brothers-bts/

PS: I have just translated and post the new similar to this and an official news come out, maybe next time I’ll wait to make sure the official news will come out or not then I’ll translate LOL


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