Joo Won shines with Gaksital

He showed many of his hidden talent in this drama unlike his previous Baker King and Ojakgyo Brothers.

Joo Won successfully delivers Lee Kang To, a handsome man , trapped inside his jobs and ambition, becomes cruel to his own people.
Joo Won also perfectly portrayed his soft side when he was broken and cries desperately behind his brother’s back. It’s obvious that heartbroken crying scene was one of the most memorable moments in Gaksital.

Beside that superb acting, Joo Won shocked his fans when he showed that he can flawlessly dancing, singing and performed most of his action scenes by himself.

He definitely gives his all for this drama, so unexpected but such a relief that he proves he’s not just another average flower boy.

It turns out that Korean audience loved him too, In the Gaksital official website and SNS (social network services), fans rushed to give comments such as ,”Joo Won pulled out his ability for Bridal Mask” , other said ,”He dances, sings and performs action scenes like fly, he makes even an evil character looks attractive. We can’t take our eyes from him”.

So do we.

Source : Newsen

English source:


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