“Bridal Mask” Joo Won – fashion icon who capture girls’s hearts

Joo Won on “Bridal Mask” becomes a male model as fashion icon of the city which made many girls fall for him.

On drama “Bridal Mask” is airing at 9:55pm on Wednesday and Thursday night on KBS2, Joo Won plays the role of nameless hero Lee Kang To. The new photo of him on this drama is released. On these photos, Joo Won looks like a model on a fashion show with his hairs up over his back and suits which draws attention of “Bridal Mask” fan, especially fan girls.

Stylist of drama “Bridal Mask” said that “After the lost of 2 family members, Kang To starts to change and thinks about become Bridal Mask, that’s why we change his fashion style”. On the 6th episode aired on 14th June, on one night, Kang To lost both his mother and brother. After knowing the reason of mother’s death, Kang To became Bridal Mask and find the murderer (Kenji) who killed his mother to revenge.

“Bridal Mask” production want to introduce to the viewers the second phase of change on the hero’s life Lee Kang To. They said: “On the first phase, Kang San is Bridal Mask and Kang To fight against him. Now is phase two, Kang To become Bridal Mask, so we think he should change his style for this. Hoping viewers keep supporting drama”

Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1672256282

Engtrans: yoonshinli

PS: his suit? Ok. His hair? Not okay. Give the old hairstyle back!


8 thoughts on ““Bridal Mask” Joo Won – fashion icon who capture girls’s hearts

      • I also prefer the old hair style..
        yes, I agree. it looks similar to his hair style on SIU.. this kind of hair style makes his face looks so serious and stiff.. I prefer the cute side.. hehe

      • yup agree with u.. he was better the old hair style.. look so handsome and natural. this one like his character on SIU

      • i think both of them look great on him…n_n..but for the new one it shows that he is getting more serious about becoming gaksital n get revenge for his family….but..whatever it is we’ll always love him^^

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