Many companies want to have Joo Won as their model

Many companies want to invite Joo Won become their image model and join their CFs.

Joo Won now is stays focus in shooting his drama “Bridal Mask”, but recently on television, his CFs keep showing over and over again.

At first, when “Bridal Mask” just in the progress of filming, the photos of MOUNTIA – a fashion company which Joo Won is their image model keep releasing new photos and even hang his photos on every shops of them. Then on TV, his CF of Cantata coffee with actress UEE started to showing and become hot topic. When “Bridal Mask” is on airing time, his CF for Nongshim noodle is showing and become hotter than ever. Many companies now “fight to each other” to have Joo Won when “Bridal Mask” just showed its first episode which prove that the population of Joo Won is become higher.

Beside on CF, Joo Won also made his name on variety show,onΒ  KBS show “Happy Sunday – 1 night 2 days” , he is youngest member who is innocent, humble, funny and cute member, a whole different image from his character Lee Kang To who working for Japanese and doesn’t care about anyone’s lives.


On movie screen, his new movie received big success, too. The horror movie “Don’t Click – unidentified video” with the joining of Park Bo Young, Joo Won, Kang Byul which started to showing from 30th May now has ticket sold as more than 1 million.

Showbox, the production company of movie “Don’t Click – unidentified video” said: “Joo Won is very famous these day, he is a main factor make viewers go to cinema to watch movie. Especially high school students, they’re his biggest fans and the most tickets sold come from them”

Sim Entertainment, agency of actor Joo Won said: “These day “Bridal Mask” received much love from viewers, Joo Won also received many invitations want him to become their model or joining their CFs such as coffee, suits…We on the progress on deciding to choose which company to suitable to Joo Won’s schedule.”


Engtrans: yoonshinli

PS: Please, not now, he’s too busy with filming Bridal Mask and 1 night 2 days, it’s enough. CFs can wait till Bridal Mask ends. Just looking the way Joo Won sleep, he’s exhausted. Please give him some time to rest, give him Cf now is too much for him.

Although I’m very happy to know that he is becoming more famous, I also feel that on this blog cuz newer members come everyday and you guys are writing more comments but think about he won’t time to sleep, I just can’t help but sorry for him :((


3 thoughts on “Many companies want to have Joo Won as their model

  1. I agree with you Yoon..
    When I watched 1N2d, it looked like that he really tired. especially when he came right after he finished his scene..

  2. OMG!!! This is like our dream come true… our prayers been answered!!
    Awesome.. !! Daebak!!
    Don’t worry Yoon-ssi, he will make time to get some rest from his busy schedules.
    He must build his career & popularity before he has to go to the ARMY (sorry for sounds really selfish).
    And I believe he knows that all of these CF offers will come to him eventually.
    So I believe he has prepared body, mind & soul really well πŸ™‚

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