Bridal Mask Kang-san Killed by Younger Brother – The Tragic Fate of Two Brothers

Bridal Mask Shin Hyun-jun met his death by a bullet shot by his own brother Joo Won. The episode aired on June 14th showed Kang-san(Shin Hyun-jun) putting on the bridal mask and looking for revenge against Kimura Kenji(Park Joo-hyung) who was responsible for his mother Mrs. Han(Song Ok-sook)’s death.

Kang-san showed up in front of Kenji and started threatening and hitting him. Kang-to(Joo Won) showed up at the scene. Kang-to, who had been on the hunt for the Bridal Mask and failing to capture him for some time, got into a fist fight with Kang-san and finally took a shot at him.

Kang-to was about to take off the bridal mask, but Kang-san is able to escape the fight scene and ends up in his own front yard with the help of Baek Gun(Jeon Hyun). Kang-to was following the Bridal Mask, and yells out “the final moments for the Bridal Mask in my own front yard!” while reaching for him when Kang-san takes off his mask.

Kang-to is stunned to find out that the Bridal Mask is his own brother and as the two brothers grasp their tragic fate, Kang-san tells him he’s sorry for everything. While breathing his last breath due to his gunshot wound, Kang-san tells Kang-to that he didn’t want to leave a burden on his younger brother and that he had wanted to take care of everything.

To this, Kang-to asks his dying brother, “How could you be the Bridal Mask?” and blames himself, crying out in agony for being so foolish. Kang-san touches his younger brother’s face saying, “My little brother is all grown up now. My little brother, I’m going to miss you” and closes his eyes.

Losing his brother and mother in the span of one night, Kang-to sobbed uncontrollably at his tragic fate. Meanwhile, with the death of the Bridal Mask, Joo Won’s role as the new Bridal Mask gathered much attention from viewers.

Writer: Jeon Ji-young

KBS Public Relations Department



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