Shin Hyun Joon is re-discovered through Gaksital

On June 16 , KBS2’s show Entertainment News’ visited Bridal Mask / Gaksital’s shooting set , met with Shin Hyun Joon and talked about his mentally retarded role ‘Kang San”.

Shin Hyun Joon showed charismatic acting as he perfectly portrayed a mentally retarded man Kang San.

This is the second time for Shin Hyun Joon to play an idiot man after he played Gi Bong in movie Barefoot Gi Bong (2006).

On his Kang San’s role, he said ,” I worried that fans would say my idiot character in Gaksital was same with Gi Bong”.

He made people laughed when he said ” The dialogue with Park Ki Woong when I mentioned ‘Is her butt really big” several times is really in the script. I just followed the script”.

For the future plan to take another mentally retarded role again, Shin Hyun Joon said ,”It’s enough for me. But for different kind of idiot character, I think I would consider it”.

Shin Hyun Joon officially stepped down from Gaksital in episode 6 after his character died. And he wrote a message in his twitter ,” I bow to all of you who have cheered me and Bridal Mask. I will leave to my brother Joo Won, all of my affection and enthusiasm for Bridal Mask“.

And what’s the reaction from the netizen ?

It seemed they all missed him as they wrote ,” Gaksital made Shin Hyun Joon’s rediscovered” ,” Good job, Shin Hyun Joon. I will miss you”, other said ,” Shin Hyun Joon’s expression of pain and sorrow was really excellent”.

Source: Newsen, Koreanvibe

Gaksital’s facebook


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