Jin Se Yeon takes the plunge in a 5 meter deep valley

Actress Jin Se Yeon, who appears on KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series Gaksital, is drawing a lot of attention by throwing herself into a valley.

In the 7th episode of the series, which aired on June 20, Jin threw herself into a valley to see whether Joo Won is alive or not. She swam skillfully like a mermaid in a deep valley.

Except for the dangerous part where she had to dive deep down into the water, Jin performed all the basic moves in the water. A spokesperson for her agency says, “Even though the valley was 5 meters deep, Jin jumped into the valley without hesitating.”

The audience praised her: “It looks scary. Even though she is young, she is very brave.” “She is an excellent swimmer.” “I found her charming.”

The series ranked first among other TV dramas airing at the same time, 7 times in a row by receiving 15.5 percent of the audience rating.
Source: TV Report

English source: http://en.korea.com/?p=352799

PS: It’s not about JW but Jin is his co-star on this drama and the english news is there, I just copy it ^^


One thought on “Jin Se Yeon takes the plunge in a 5 meter deep valley

  1. ohh? they got the first place? i must be wrong then. they deserve it anyway 😀

    am waiting when will be Kang To and Mok Dan will approach each other. really want to see their chemistry. looking at the preview, KT will be close to Ueno Rie first and Mok Dan with Shunji.. maybe still a long way to go for them to get close

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