Park Bo Young: “Sensitive and manly, many girls fall for Joo Won”

Park Bo Young revealed Joo Won attraction for girls on the interview.

Recently, Park Bo Young is interviewed by The Trend TV, on this interview, she released how attractive her “boyfriend” Joo Won on movie “Don’t Click – unidentified video” is.

Park Bo Young said: “On filming set, Joo Won always stay focus on his acting and the movie scenes, he just like a brother of all of us. He is manly and sensitive, it really like his image on variety sow 1 night 2 days. He is very charming”

She also said: “He’s handsome, cute and manly, girls will definitely love him”. The Trend TV will broadcast at 10am (Korean time) on 23rd June.


Engtrans: yoonshinli

PS: Okay, first is Eun Jung, now is Park Bo Young, our Joo Won is planning to become a play boy or something? Just kidding LOL


7 thoughts on “Park Bo Young: “Sensitive and manly, many girls fall for Joo Won”

  1. “Girls will definitely love him” true!! I have always noticed that he has this manly side as well as cute side and when you put both together in a handsome man its just perfect!!
    UEE si if you realize how many girl celebrities are admiring JW secretly or just openly like PBY and Eunjung then I think you should just grab him while you have a chance if not you might lose him hehe !! If you have already grabbed him then he is definitely the best catch and don’t let him go I tell ya!!

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