[Spoiler] “Bridal Mask” spy Han Chae-ah kisses Joo Won

“Bridal Mask” Han Chae-ah left a strong impression on Joo Won and started acting like a spy.

On the eighth episode of KBS 2TV drama “Bridal Mask” on the 21st, Chae Hong-joo (Han Chae-ah) sat on Lee Kang-to’s (Joo Won) lap and kissed him.

Being a spy and a singer to catch the bridal mask, Chae spoke to Lee first asking him if he knew her when she saw him at the club she sang at. She had avoided danger once when she was younger, thanks to him and she had feelings for him.

However, he didn’t recognize her and just asked if she liked him. Chae then sat on his lap and kissed him, leaving a strong impression. She told him her singer name, “It’s Lala, don’t forget it” and left.

Chae’s voluptuous sexiness filled up the screens. She wore a tight dress that revealed the whole of her body and revealed sexiness to the maximum.

Curiosity aroused whether Lee would remember her and how their relationship would evolve. At the end of the episode, Kimura Shunji (Park Ki-woong) became a Japanese cop to save Mok-dan (Jin Se-yeon) and laid in fate of facing Lee Kang-to.

Source : http://www.newsen.com/news_v… ( English )

English source: http://www.hancinema.net/spoiler-bridal-mask-spy-han-chae-ah-kisses-joo-won-44212.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


2 thoughts on “[Spoiler] “Bridal Mask” spy Han Chae-ah kisses Joo Won

  1. I become more curious of how will KangTo-HongJoo relation develop xP
    But, I also want to know how will Mokdan find out that KangTo is his eoryeonim^^

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