Joo Won – DAUM CAFE message

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Joowon: Members of Joowon Duam Cafe (not sure if this is it)…Hi Everyone, I am Joowon
Today, for the production crew, there’s a lot of delicious food
How shall I say it, snack truck?? food truck?
Our production crew and cast all ate very well
All those involved in Bridal Mask production
All ate very well….I, also
So full that I feel so uptight(not sure how to translate this, it literally means waist straight as a rod)
Very thankful to everyone
Because of the crew and cast
At the club, you prepared presents
Prepared healthy food and snacks
We have received many types. Really thankful to everyone
Actually we are now in the midst of filming, we took some time off
Like this….and…kkk..leave an impression(I think he meant himself)
I don’t know if everyone feels that Bridal Mask is a meaningful show
Huh…kkk is it meaningful??? Kkk
(p.s. meaningful here is a direct translation, could also mean substance)
I have not left a message for a long time…quite embarrassed ah..k
Interviewer: Please be more natural
Joowon: I am not natural??? Not natural?? Kkk
Till today, I have been filming throughout the night for the past few days
I feel really full after the meal
Even my tummy has come out quite a bit kkkk
Tummy is really full
Thanks to everyone’s blessings,
I can be so happy, and filled with energy to continue with the filming
Very Happy ah~everyone kkk
Bridal Mask was originally 24 episodes
And now it is apparently extended to 28 episodes
Therefore, we have about 20 episodes left, hopefully there will be more people who will watch till the end
Recently, there has been quite a number of shows that are meaningful
Although there are many types to choose from
For Bridal Mask …
I still hope everyone will stay with KBS
Bridal Mask..still has a lot(contents) to show
Because now in Bridal Mask, I have begun
To have a lot of fighting, horseback, action scenes, there are also a lot that are worth watching
And, don’t I still have a love line? K
Thus, can still watch a beautiful story
Hope everyone will watch^^ till the very end
There’s still 2 months to go
Hope everyone for these 2 months will watch more
Visit the club(daum café?) more
Leave more comments, or videos or pics
And that everyone can leave their opinions after watching the show
Why leave comments/opinions?
Because there is a show event, does everyone know? Kk
Because at this event, someone who will be selected receive a very very big present from our club
What will it be?
Interviewer: Will it be one of the actor/actress giving the present?
Joowon: Me?……….
Anyway, there will be a present and it’s waiting(to be given)
So hopefully everyone will leave more comments
Although I don’t have time to use a computer,
I always bring my handphone(Ya, we know!)
Just like this, I always keep it with me
And I also frequently ask the club
Interviewer: It’s café. Used to be nate club but since 2008 it’s moved to café
(LOL!, don’t let this woman bug you, my cutie, you are cute even when you make mistakes!)
Joowon continues: Ask café and see what kind of comments were given
And who has left comments for me(OMG! Seriously? Is it too late for me to learn Korean???)
Or look at photos, videos
It’s like my amusement during break time
It’s very meaningful to read the comments on the club
Visiting the café, I see *kk* feel very meaningful. So I hope to see more comments
We have already filmed for 4 months, 4 months, 4 months?
Already 4 months has passed
Actually we started filming before ‘Man From Equator’
And that has already ended a month ago
And we are still filming
See you later^^
Subtitles: They are going to start filming soon
Will be difficult to continue with the filming (of the interview), TT
That man….
Once he enter the shoot, he becomes serious instantly
Everyone, let’s come and see Joowon’s expression
Seems like the shoot will take a long tme
I think it’s hard to wait to the end, thus prepare to go back!!
Actually meet Joowon again after a few hours of filming TT
Joowon: Although it seems very difficult, but because kept thinking that have to complete the interview at the close, that’s why I came over TTT
Looking for a suitable place
Because we are having a break from filming, I am here again
This will be the final part of the interview
Everyone at Daum Cafe
Now the weather is very hot
Really hot, everyone please take care to avoid heatstroke
Must be healthy
Wed, Thurs show, must be together with Bridal Mask
Spend a meaningful time together
Hope everyone will be happy every moment
Must stay healthy, bye
Subtitles: Although he must be tired, he conveys his concern to audience(of program), must be hard on him. Very thankful to him. From now, as we always have, will support the best we can.

Engtrans: SS



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      • thanks to boh of you. it cuz of ur hardwork, we r able to get latest update of JW 🙂 anyway what is Daum Cafe? is that his official fan website? really hope that he knows he has a lot of international fans too. not only koreans ^_^

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