‘Bridal Mask’ Joo Won : “I Only Sleep 30 Minutes Every Week”

On the 27th Joo Won mentioned during the ‘Bridal Mask’ open production “The drama filming is rotated by team A and team B.

We film from the morning to night and stay up all night filming until the next morning. While the B team is in production ,I sleep for a little while and then stay up all night to film again. And then while I am filming mindlessly for the drama somehow I end up at the filming for ‘1 Night and 2 Days’.” And revealed the busy tight schedule he is currently abiding by.
“I try sleeping in the midst of things but I only get to sleep 30 minutes a week so I feel like I’m having a out-of-body experience.”

“But even though I don’t get that much sleep whenever I come to film for the drama, I get this surge of power. I lost a lot of weight but I’m really putting my all into this drama.”
Park Ki Woong also mentioned “I think this past week I haven’t slept in a bed, I’m in the same situation as Joo Won so we talk a lot. We don’t really think about our bodies but the fact that because we’re so tired we might miss the important lines that we really need to boast up during a scene. We’ve become each others energy boosters!”

Source:  http://en.koreaportal.com/articles/4353/20120628/joo-won-bridal-mask-1-night-and-2-days-30-minutes-s…


4 thoughts on “‘Bridal Mask’ Joo Won : “I Only Sleep 30 Minutes Every Week”

  1. Poor thing :(( Makes my heart feel heavy knowing he can’t sleep probably. I want to garb the first flight to Korea and take care of him kk Take Care of yourself Joo Won oppa!! <333 Fighting!!!!!!

  2. That is the life of actors and actresses:-) We only get to see their best side but do we really know how much they have to sacrifice behind the scenes

  3. I don’t know it will be that crazy.. ckckck..
    being a public figure is really not easy xP
    JooWon ssi, hwaiting!!^^

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