Bridal Mask Joo Won: I worry I have symtom of high blood pressure

 It seems that Bridal Mask, KBS2 Wed-Thursday drama, isn’t in live shooting yet. As the drama invited several media to come to their filming set at KBS Drama Center in Sumon, June 27.

The drama four main cast , Joo Won, Park Ki Woong, Jin Se Yun and Han Chae Ah met with the press and here is what they say.

Park Ki Woong : Even though the casting is luxurious names , it would be disturbing if there’s no harmony in the team work. But, all of us, four actors seem to have good personality.
It’s lucky that we’re 4 actors who like to talk about acting and how to improve our performance. We monitor each other’s acting. We work with high appreciation and care to each other.

Joo Won : My character is full of tenacity, I grasped my rear-neck several times. When I kicked and slap Kang San (Lee Kang To’s brother) and Song Ok Sook (Lee Kang To’s mother), when I’m seeing Kang San’s death, when I cried in front of Kang San’s tomb, I grasped by back neck because I was so emotional. I worried that this’s the symptom of high blood pressure. Sometimes I felt headache, especially migraine. All of this because I was over emotional for my character”.

Don’t worry , Joo Won. You’re too young to have a high blood pressure.

Meanwhile, Lee Kun Joon from production team said that Bridal Mask was initially planned for 30 episodes but finally they decided only for 24 episodes with any additional episodes will be decided based on fans’ reaction.
Now, with Bridal Mask lead the Wednesday-Thursday rating, the production team is temporarily considering 28 episodes.

Korean source: Newsen

English source:


7 thoughts on “Bridal Mask Joo Won: I worry I have symtom of high blood pressure

  1. I think JW gets headache and migraine, because he don’t have enough time to sleep. Poor him. But I love to see his spirit to make this drama becomes so fantastic…

  2. “you are too young to have a high blood pressure?” that is so wrong. a lot of youngsters now are having a high bp due to high stress and unhealthy life style. Wonder if JW take any supplement for his body. he really need those since he does not taking food properly and sleep regularly. it will definitely effect his health one day

    • Exactly. You’re never too young to develop hypertension. Especially with too much stress (all those damn crying scenes) and not eating right or getting the correct amount of sleep. All of these factors are important to a healthy lifestyle. Whenever I see him crying in a scene, I always wondered if his head would hurt because he gets so into it. Bridal Mask director, PLEASE dont put him in any more crying scenes. I don’t want him to compromise his health, pleaseeee. ugh my poor baby 😦

  3. Awe Joo Won really gets into his role! He should get more rest, and also it is up to us to make bridal mask longer! I want to see bridal mask to be 30 eps!

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