Joo Won Reveals The Secret To His Acting Improvement

Actor Joo Won chose the movie ‘SIU’ for the opportunity to improve his acting skills.
On the 27th in Suwon, stars from ‘Bridal Mask’, Joo Won, Jin Sae Yeon, Han Chae Ah, and Park Ki Woong, participated in a press conference on the set of the KBS drama.

The reporter asked Joo Won “People are saying that your acting skill has improved a lot. How did you do it?”. Joo Won answered “I learned tremendously while I played a role in the movie ‘SIU’. Working with Um Tae Woong, Jung Jin Young, Kim Jung Tae, and Sung Dong Il was a big opportunity for me to learn different acting styles and from each of them”

He continued, “I used to think that focusing on the character and examining it was very important. However, from the experience on ‘SIU’, I realized that getting into the movie, the real site, is also important”. “It was very important to balance with my counterparts in the movie.”

‘Bridal Mask’ is based on a cartoon written by Huh Young Man. The drama portrays a super hero who gave hope and comfort to people in Chosun during Japanese rule.
In the drama, Joo Won plays the role of Lee Kang To. The character accepts his destiny as a hero after his brother, Lee Kang San, (played by Sin Hyun Joon) dies



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