[Nonsub] Bridal Mask Ep.11 preview

Ep 11 preview: After Gaksital punishes Jo Young Geun in Geum Hwa Jeong, he runs into Shunji and disappears into the dark after duelling with Shunji. Shunji feels tortured after losing Gaksital and heads to Angel Club where he sees Kangto singing and dancing with the dancing girls.

The next day, when Kangto heads to the circus, he finds it odd when Mokdan’s attitude towards him is much more affectionate than before… The instant he tries to check her heart is when he comes across the scene of Mokdan held tightly in Shunji’s arms…

Kangto has resolved to help Damsari’s party. He leaves a message in the coffee shop at Askar Hotel for ‘President Choi Taegon’. Damsari doesn’t know Kangto is Gaksital and comes to the conclusion that Kangto is planning to arrest him… He starts to plan to kill Kangto…

Source: http://www.ohkpop.com/51538/gaksital-bridal-mask-episode-11-synopsis-preview



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