‘Bridal Mask’ Lee Kang To Reads Mok Dan’s Letter

In the KBS2 drama ‘Bridal Mask’ aired on the 27th, Lee Kang To (played by Joo Won) could not hide his smile upon reading the letter Mok Dan (Jin Se Yeon) wrote.

Previously, Mok Dan, after finding the sword that she had received from her first love young master in the same valley the bridal mask had fallen, returned to the place where she had been saved and left a cloth on a branch of the tree with ner name ‘Boon Yi’ written on it.

As Lee Kang To was riding his horse with his bridal mask, he came across the tree branch and the cloth. While he was taking it out, he heard the voice and footsteps of Mok Dan and so he quickly hid.

Mok Dan had received a request from Dam Sa Ri (played by Jun Noh Min) to “help me find the mask, you’re my only hope,” and was on her way to leaving another note.

Upon arriving, Mok Dan found that the cloth was taken and shed tears as she cried out, “Master, master, it is you who have taken it right? If you have seen who I am, why won’t you show me your face? I want to see you.”

Hiding behind the tree, Lee Kang To sympathized with his own tears. As soon as Mok Dan left her new letter on the tree branch and left, Lee Kang To immediately unfolded it.

The letter read, “There is a person who really wants to meet you. I will come and wait here tomorrow before the sun goes down.”

The unexpected letter from his first love made him smile as he couldn’t reveal his identity to Mok Dan because he was a police and his friend Shunji loves her.

Will Kang To answer her call?

English source: http://en.koreaportal.com/articles/4369/20120629/bridal-mask-lee-kang-to-reads-mok-dans-letter.htm


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