Joo Won sheds tears in less than a minute, proves why he’s a top class actor

Actor Joo Won showed exactly why people attest to him being one of the best actors today.

Joo Won drew the attention of the viewers on the July 1st episode of KBS ’1 Night 2 Days’ by successfully shedding tears in less than a minute.

For the ‘Sleeping Bokboolbok’ game the members received the mission to cry within 3 minutes and they all agreed that the actors would have an advantage in the game.

It wasn’t without challenge however, the members had played a game of repressing their laughter in the earlier round and they had laughed a lot at the end of the game, making it very difficult to get in the emotional state to cry.

Also making things difficult was Kim Jong Min who screamed profusely to try to cry, but instead of him crying he made everyone burst into laughter. Cha Tae Hyun failed at the mission much thanks to Kim Jong Min as he laughed his lungs out.

Joo Won however got in a different level of concentration and it took him less than a minute to shed tears suprising everyone.

As the only member to succeed in the mission Joo Won explained how he was able to do it, “I got in the emotion of the character I’m playing right now.” Joo Won is currently starring in the KBS drama ‘Bridal Mask’ as the charismatic Lee Kang To. Recently his brother and mother in the drama had passed away tragically, making it ideal for him to get in the emotional state of sadness.

Image: KBS ’1 Night 2 Days’
Source: NewsEN via Nate

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5 thoughts on “Joo Won sheds tears in less than a minute, proves why he’s a top class actor

  1. i like joo won very much in BRIDAL MASK . HE LOOKS VERY GD IN THIS DRAMA.

  2. Wow!! So proud of him!!!! He was born to be an amazing actor^^!! I predict many awards going to come his way soon kk <333

  3. i dont even need a minute to shed tears……… whatever LOL
    Have to say that Joo Won is a great actor love him in Bridal Mask okay hated him for the first.. how he treated his Brother… :*(( but i think if u can hate an actor in his role cuz of his acting that shows that this actor is good in it… (hope u guys understand what i want to say).. aishh He is an awesome ACTOR… hope and im sure that he will play in lot of films/dramas and will recieve a lot of AWARDS Joo Won Fighting!!!

  4. aww ❤ He's really such a great actor thinking of all the differing roles in his drama that he acts outs just so well. 🙂

  5. He has mature a lot in his acting and presentation of himself since Bread, Love & Dreams. All these are done through his hard work and passion for his work, Joo Won will definately be the next “Hallyu” shinning big star.

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