“1N2D” The reason why Joo Won’s scenes are less than other members

The reason is come from his currently drama “Bridal Mask”

Joo Won has been shown his acting talent on Wed-Thurs night drama of KBS “Bridal Mask” and become champion on rating battle 5 times in the row.

On a forum relative the thing that drama “Bridal Mask” is getting much more love from viewers and some viewers who are big fan of the variety show of KBS “Happy Sunday – 1 night 2 days” said: “Please give Joo Won more show up time”, “Let’s make his show up time equal to other members”. About this, one director said: “Both Joo Won and PD Kim of Bridal Mask want to make sure about Joo Won’s acting to perform clearly a good side and bad side of Lee Kang To and also strongly action scenes”, that’s why “Joo Won’s scenes on 1 night 2 days are cut quite much”. Ha added: “The preparation of taking the role like his officially first main character is different and harder than others. When drama “Bridal Mask” ends, we will raise up his scenes on 1 night 2 days”

Actor Joo Won has been showing his perfect acting on emotional scenes which is very different from the fact that he is such a young actor, he also receives many praises from others. He takes a two sides person, one is the second generation of hero Bridal Mask, other side is Lee Kang To who always loyal to Japanese. He has shown his charm when turn 180 degrees in “Bridal Mask” which totally different from his image as a cute youngest member and make viewers totally fall for him.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120703n05977?mid=e0102

Engtrans: yoonshinli


8 thoughts on ““1N2D” The reason why Joo Won’s scenes are less than other members

  1. this doesnt really make sense to me ……….. ? can anyone explain?

    i don’t see how cutting down his scenes in 1n2d helps gaksital o.O

      • hehe i know its not your translation …

        just confused on the reasoning to cut his screen time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i always felt his screen time is less than the other members … makes me kinda sad. and he always gets edited out on the KBSW version!! even the really cute scenes :(((

  2. Maybe when they cut JW scene will let the viewers to eager and watching more Bridal Mask as they want to see more JW? or maybe they want to ensure the character of Lee Kang To will not going to be effected so much as JW is so cute and adorable in 1N2D while in Bridal Mask, he has to be dead serious person, loyal to Japan, fierce and so on.

  3. Soo they are basically sayin, that they don’t want viewer to have this kind of image of Joowon while he’s acting. Because he is soooo not “Lee Kang to” kind, and it can lead viewer to be influence by his real self mage and make them loose interest in the character itself “Lee Kang to”, that he is playing. AND it doesn’t make any sense for me. I’m totally immersed in the drama, and seing Joo won cuteness doesn’t change a thing. I see two person different Lee Kang To and Joo won. WTF with them. Stupid Director.

  4. I think its because shows like 1n2d and other variety shows are widely popular and thus the image of Joowon as the cute maknae would make it harder for people to grasp his more intense character in Gaksital. This is not really uncommon as LeeChunHee and ParkYeJin, both actors, had experience this difficulty previously because their variety show personas have been so popular. This in turn made it hard for people to see them in another light as serious actors portraying different characters. In the end, both had to leave Family Outing to focus more on Acting. So it makes more sense for the director to lessen Joowon’s scenes than remove him for the show altogether.

  5. yeah joo won is a cute guy and that doesnt help his role on bridal mask at all. But anyways…BBS you better stop cutting joo wonยดs parts =( heยดs working really hard for those scenes =(

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