[Spoiler] “Bridal Mask” Joo Won escapes Park Ki-woong’s trap thanks to Yoon Jin-ho?

Bridal Mask Lee Kang-to saved his life thanks to Koiso.

On the episode of the KBS 2TV drama “Bridal Mask” on the 4th, Lee Kang-to (Joo Won) who fell into Kimura Kyeong-boo’s (Park Ki-woong) trap was saved thanks to the head of department Koiso (Yoo Jin-ho) and the gun he shot.

Previously, Lee Kang-to hid in the place where governor of the Jo-il Bank Jo Yeong-geun (Ko In-beom) was resting at to punish him for forcefully taking the bills of sales from the merchants at the Jongro Market.

Lee Kang-to fought Kimura’s sword with his iron tungso, which was the Bridal Mask’s weapon. However, whether it was because of Kimura’s outstanding sword skills or because Kang-to couldn’t attack his friend, Kang-to lost to the fight and was threatened with the sword on his neck.

While Koiso was aiming for the right timing with his gun pointed at the Bridal Mask, he shot it when the two had stopped moving. However, his lack of skills in gun shooting missed and Lee Kang-to took this diversion as a chance to push away Kimura’s sword and run.

Kimura angered at having lost the Bridal Mask and suddenly thought about something and yelled, “The market! Go to the market!” but it was already after the Bridal Mask had returned the bills of sales to the merchants and gone within a big round of applause. Kimura shot his gun in the air and threatened the people, letting out his anger.

Lee Kang-to was saved because Koiso’s gun missed.

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