“1N2D” Joo Won’s watch caught viewers’s attention

On the variety show of KBS “Happy Sunday – 1 night 2 days”, the watch of Joo Won is becoming a hot topic.

This is a watch of Adidas which product for the 40th years anniversary. Just have 500 watches all over the world which means this watch is limited edition and it has very high valuable. There are only 5 watches in Korea.

This Adidas watch is receiving much love from customer because of his shape and the material from 100% gold.

On that day episode, many viewers said: “Joo Won’s watch is so beautiful!”

Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1716007359

Engtrans: yoonshinli

PS: First of all, what the hell, all over world just 500 watches like this one and just 5 watches in Korea? OMG, and one of those 5 is on Joo Won’s wrist. Joo Won’s a rich guy >”<

Second of all, this watch is really beautiful and suit to Joo Won, but I bet it’s really expensive…..



9 thoughts on ““1N2D” Joo Won’s watch caught viewers’s attention

  1. I think his agency gave him this watch for publicity even um tae wong asked him what time is it and he has a watch, knowing korean pay so much attention to these ridiculous news than the real talent.

  2. It’s very likely it’s a sponsor piece. Joo Won seems to wear a bit of Adidas. Like the red and blue sneakers with the wings were Adidas. Some other pieces of clothing too… just can’t remember what on the top of my head.

  3. Yea I agree with everyone here. I don’t think JooWon bought this himself but his Agency must of given it to him. He’s been gaining alot of popularity over the past several months that his agency must of given it to him as a gift.

  4. I was eyeing that watch every since he was eating the kimchi stew…i love big and wide watches, especially when guys wear them ๐Ÿ™‚

    but dang, 100% gold?? wow….no wonder it’s such an attractive color

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