[Nonsub] 120711 TVN enews joowon secrect keywords

Source: ย 200032SH’s youtube channel


6 thoughts on “[Nonsub] 120711 TVN enews joowon secrect keywords

  1. Will you sub this video later?? Yeah why were they comparing Taepil’s body with Joo Won?? And I didn’t get the last part when they were showing idols and stuff??

    • I’ll sub it when the Chinese fans add Chinese sub to this video cuz I couldn’t catch all they said on this video, but I believe Chinese fans will sub it then I’ll translate it ^_^

  2. So many cute moments!!!! Especially loved when he called his mom for cooking advice:)) <333 I dont remember that part airing on the show:(

  3. in acting, he cud take up antagonist, kind, cute, adorable n latest, mystery hero roles. just name it. not in average, but he cud play all the roles very well! plus he cud sing n dancing, he cud making jokes too! he has a cute dimple face (cant be compare to KDW) and hes so tall! AND hes so loving caring with his mother, we heard that any man that love his mother is 99% chance that hes a good man. have watched some videos that hes also very well mannered young boy. what more cud u ask?

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