“The hottest actor in the first 2012” – Joo Won’s in no.2

On 13th July, on a show of JTBC is release the 6 actors who are “lady killers” for all woman from young to old

On th 5th place is angel smile Song Joong Ki and Yoo In Ah

4th place is the main actor of “The king 2 hearts” Lee Seung Gi, he is also called “Nation brother”

3th place is rapper of Bigbang: TOP

Second place is actor Joo Won who recently joint the drama of KBS “Bridal Mask” and even joint on the variety show “Happy Sunday – 1 night 2 days” as a youngest member. He’s receiving many praises and much love from viewers.

Rank number 1 is actor of “The moon embrace the sun” Kim Soo Hyun who joint many CFs and become very famous for the role Lee Hwon

Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1725177859

Engtrans: yoonshinli


18 thoughts on ““The hottest actor in the first 2012” – Joo Won’s in no.2

  1. OMG so happy for him!! I don’t mind him being behind KSH cuz the drama Moon did quite great in ratings so its obvious KSH will be placed no.1 but if it was’t for that then I think JW is surely no.1 in acting compared to them!!

    • owh,,micky yoochun n rooftop prince is leading,.,,well at least joo won still got the vote^^^fighting…vote everyday!!

  2. joo won is my top no.1 in terms in acting has a great voice…..i saw he’s musical really nice especially he sung like elvis presly he’s really cute there…….i really like he’s cute smile………

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