[Nonsub] Bridal Mask Ep.15 preview

Source: JooWonTHFC

Shunji: Kangto actually knows Boon Yi? Could Kangto be the one who gave her the knife?
Kimura: Please give your greetings. This is Ueno Hideki’s daughter.
Rie: My father will be coming to Joseon. You should know what to do next
Kangto: So I want to help you.
Kangto: In this country where living is meaningless, at least hand over the task to me.
Kangto: Please help me
Anna: If Mok Dan is caught, and without our leader and Mok Dan, can we succeed?
Shunji: I will surely kill her if I catch her
Shunji: I will let that fellow see clearly, for once let him have the feeling of his heart being shredded into pieces.
Shunji: The one who gave the knife to that wrench must be Gaksital.

English translation (credits to mrdimples and ricecak3 from Bridal Mask Soompi thread)


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