‘Bridal Mask’ Records Highest Viewer Rating

KBS2 TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Bridal Mask’ once again beats its previous viewer ratings with its highest yet, continuing to rise at full force.

According to viewer rating research company AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 20th, the 16th episode that aired on the 19th recorded a 16.8% viewer rating, increasing 0.5% from last week’s 14th episode, which previously held the record.

The first episode of ‘Bridal Mask,’ which aired on May 30th, debuted at 12.7% and surpassed 15% with 15.6% in just a matter of four episodes. In particular, competing against MBC’s ‘I Do I Do’ and SBS’s ‘Ghost’ in the same time slot, ‘Bridal Mask’ has never lost its first place position among Wednesday-Thursday dramas since its first episode.

‘Bridal Mask’ is the drama based on a family’s revenge and hero Bridal Mask Lee Kang To (Joo Won)’s fight against the Japanese during the period of Japanese colonial rule in Korea. Audiences fell in love with actor Joo Won’s charismatic acting and the drama’s exciting story.

On this day, competing dramas SBS’s ‘Ghost’ placed second and MBC’s ‘I Do I Do’ placed third with viewer ratings of 13.9% and 9.1%, respectively.

Source: http://en.koreaportal.com/articles/4722/20120720/bridal-mask-records-highest-viewer-rating.htm


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