Joo Won : Prince of rating?

Joo Won’s acting has amazed many people. Although of late, in the TV drama circles, the myth that those Hallyu stars who possess the name value that guarantees high ratings, top actor=drama success has been broken long ago. Yet, as a new actor, Joo Won still manages to break through.

Since the beginning, from the incident of Hallyu stars rejecting the role and also the uneasiness of some concerning Joo Won being the lead actor in Bridal Mask, the drama has not once, in the past 8 weeks, gave up the top spot in ratings, sweeping away all doubts that existed before.

According to rating agency Nielsen, Bridal Mask episode 16 that was aired on the 19th achieved a viewership of 16.8%, breaking its own record and pulling ahead of the rest of the competition.

On the set, to the amusement of his fellow actors & actresses, Joo Won displayed great physical strength and aegyo talent. But once he starts filming, he has a higher degree of ability to focus on playing his role. This aspect of him has led many viewers to take note and focus their attention on the drama.

In the show, Joo Won displayed the 2 different lives of a Joseon hero-Gaksital and Imperial Japanese lackey. In real life, relying on his double charms, he attracted the audience

With his background as a music theatre actor attracting attention. Joo Won steadfastly accumulates experience in acting. With Baker King Kim Tak Gu, he made his debut as a TV actor. Because he played the antagonist, he suffered a lot. Although the role of Go Ma Jun is an antagonist, he is in fact a pitiful character who has suffered psychological hurt. Joo Won acting as the character with deep emotional scars invoked viewers’ sympathy. Together with Yoon Shi Yoon who act as Kim Tak Gu, both emerged as next generation’s stars.

Especially due to the fact that Baker King Kim Tak Gu achieved a viewership of more than 40%, becoming the national drama, reaping unexpected popularity and following, Joo Won has managed to obtain both acting skills and popularity, these 2 precious commodities, from the very start. However, he did not bank on his popularity or self satisfaction or the desire to secure avlead role. In fact, he calmly selects his next role, joining the weekend drama Ojakgyo Brothers. Acting together with his seniors and slowly adapting to a drama production environment.

Joo Won in the show portrayed an edgy Hwang Taehee. Although he has good character and a fast mind, he is a hot tempered, stubborn and taciturn man. But he is a rare, filial son to his parents. Later, when he faces his love interest played by After School’s Uee, he demonstrated his romantic side and has a lot of sweet love lines. Ojakgyo Brothers hit a viewership of 30% and once again Joo Won achieves both popularity and high ratings.

More importantly, because he reaches out to young ladies in their early 20s to middle aged female audiences in their 40s and 50s and becoming closer to the people, Joo Won was able to take part in this 10 billion won Bridal Mask production as the lead actor, passionately displaying his acting skills. From his musical theatre days, Joo Won has always adopted a learning attitude, little by little craving out his journey in acting, accomplishing 3 strikes in viewership ratings, honing his acting skills and ability to command viewership. He completes his preparation in becoming the Prince of Ratings.


Engtrans: mrdimples@soompi


4 thoughts on “Joo Won : Prince of rating?

  1. joo won came from music theater actor ….so that he can easily release the best skills and talents during in acting in front of camera……in theater all script was memorize during acting on stage must no mistake too much training while in the drama just reading the script lines small acting then cut by director …..what’s the difference between the two the stage theater actor or the movie drama actor which one of the best heavy acting ….for me i choose the stage theater is really exert all effort for the best on stage without mistake that can catch easily by the viewers…….joo won much talented both theater and drama actor just keep on fighting to catch the hearts of the viewers……….

  2. Very well written ♥
    One thing whatever it is.. I’ll be one of Joowon’s loyal fan.
    He already proved enough and deserved a spot in my heart…
    sure his career will shoot sky high… Gaksital fighting!

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