(Entertainment Relay) Joo Won – Who responsible for aegyo in “Gaksital”, where is charisma from?

Actor Joo Won has been given the most aegyo icon.

On July 21st, KBS2 ‘Entertainment Relay’ broadcasted behind the scene of the drama ‘Bridal Mask’ – which is ranking at the first of rating 8 consecutive weeks.

At the film set, right after director say “Cut”, Joo Won has showed his aegyo with his fellow actress Han Chae Ah loveably: “Are you upset? Don’t hit meee!”

Joo Won’s character is a very charisma guy in the drama ‘Gaksital’, but in fact, he’s always adorable and makes fun the most among of actors/actresses. His hobby is hug his rival in the drama – actor Park Ki Woong.

Joo Won often jokes on his fellows and staffs, even though how the crew feels exhausted is, never lack of his laugher sound far-away.

Source: http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1342874471361384019

Engtrans: nakyung


11 thoughts on “(Entertainment Relay) Joo Won – Who responsible for aegyo in “Gaksital”, where is charisma from?

  1. He really acts well..
    His roles have really different characteristics with his true self. Not only in Gaksital, but also in Jebangwang KimTakGu and Ojakgyo hyeongjaedeul^^

  2. aish, the more I watch the above clip the more my brain can’t compute that this is the same man in Gaksital. This is Lee Kang-to. Lee Kang-to?

    • same here 🙂
      Omo… he’s so cute in the video. Totally different with his roles in drama. Where does he get all the charisma???

  3. his too much different characters is the result of his previous theater acting……..in theater must did a good result in every action on stage that’s why he easily adapt it in front on camera……….

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