Joo Won to play The Secret Lovers ?

After Kim Nam Gil and Lee Dong Gun, rumor has it that upcoming MBC drama The Secret Lovers offered a role for Joo Won.

Joo Won’s agency said that they received offer, considering it positively but not yet make decision.

So, how about Kim Nam Gil and Lee Dong Gun ? Do they drop it ?
It’s already several months since Lee Dong Gun finished his army and he’s still without new project. Why doesn’t he grab it ?

Does the story so bad ?
The Secret Lovers is TV version of hit 2007 comedy movie My Girlfriend is An Agent, starred Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan.
The drama plot circles around a man and a woman, who are working as top secret agent. They’re a couple but they don’t know each other’s real job.

It should be a hilarious , exciting drama and if Joo Won plays it, we definitely on board.
But, Joo Won needs a rest after finished Bridal Mask’s grueling shooting at the end of August, right ? Make your decision carefully, Joo Won.

The Secret Lovers is scheduled to replace Arang and The Magistratenext October/November.




7 thoughts on “Joo Won to play The Secret Lovers ?

  1. ive watched this film and the KJH character was so funny! if JW taking his role ill be in!! definitely its going to be Boom! but ya, he need some rest. can we postpone d shooting little bit?:-)

  2. I will become happy if JooWon appear in new drama after Gaksital ..
    But he should have a rest time he’s very busy and tired these days T_T
    to be honest I feel a little nervous because all JooWon dramas are amazing so I want him to be careful when he chose his new project I want him to be The Prince of ratting forever ^^”

    Thanks a lot

  3. I dunno…I want to see him do something different, play a funny character in a romantic comedy maybe. So far I feel his characters have been very serious.

  4. I suggest to go for it, because this is his time and he can do it. He is young … that means he has a lot of capacity… he can rest when he has family…. but still he has to choose a good script.

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