Joowon’s charm pervades Mainland China

Since the 1st episode aired, gaining 1st spot in viewership, KBS2 Bridal Mask has shaken Mainland China

With its theme of Japanese Resistance, the drama faced rejection by many Hallyu stars. In China, the drama has not been officially broadcasted in China, however with the addition of Chinese subtitles, the drama has grown very popular on the internet, what is the reason?

In Bridal Mask, acting as Lee Kangto, the actor Joowon has stolen many Chinese female viewers’ hearts. The biggest web service/search engine in China, Baidu set up a fanclub called “Zhu Yuan Ba” where there more than 2,000 members and more than 45,000 articles, revealing the attention that Joowon is receiving.

The fanclub puts up many articles and pictures of Bridal Mask and other variety programmes that Joo Won appeared in. One fan said that although Joo Won has acted in Baker King and Ojakgyo Brothers, I became a fan of his after watching Bridal Mask. His acting is so powerful that I watched through the night over 2 days.

(the article continues to say that due to Bridal Mask’s theme of Japanese Resistance, it has attracted a lot of Chinese viewers’ attention because China suffered very much over the 1937 Nanking massacre where more than 300,000 chinese died, many now still harbor the ill-feelings towards Japan. And cited other examples, basically of how China can empathize with the theme.

One critic analyzing the popularity of Bridal Mask in China said that Japan and China view the Japanese occupation very differently. In this aspect, Korea shares the same feelings as China. Also in China, there was a movie of a masked hero fighting the Japanese, so Chinese viewers are familiar with the theme in Bridal Mask.

One KBS staff said that it is highly anticipated if Korean culture can be exported to China. They are very enthusiastic about marketing to China because of the market potential.

Eng trans: “mrdimples”
Source: baidu


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