More details on Joowon’s possible role in a new drama

Joo-won offered Level 7 Civil Servant remake

Well, when you’re on fire you’re on fire. Being knee-deep in one drama apparently doesn’t preclude you from getting cast in your next one, because Joo-won is reportedly up for the lead in the upcoming drama adaptation of Level 7 Civil Servant, the hit 2009 film starring Kim Haneul and Kang Ji-hwan (also called My Girlfriend Is an Agent). The drama version will be called Secret Man and Woman, which I suppose is less of a tongue-twister than the original film’s title, but still lacks a punch. Hopefully the production company will come up with an English title I like. But so far, the casting’s going in a direction I very much like.

It’s a romantic comedy about a regular guy who dates a woman not knowing that she’s actually a super-secret agent. She eventually ends things to keep her cover, and then returns years later… only by then HE’s been recruited to be a super-secret spy too, and their jobs start to complicate things. The movie’s awesome, the premise is rife with action and comedy, and when cast right, it should be crackling with chemistry.

The drama is being written by the original film’s writer, Chun Sung-il, of Chuno and Runaway. So we can expect slick, glossy action. All this has to be taken with a grain of salt though, as this drama has been in development for years, and has had many a casting rumor come and go. It’s reportedly got a slot on the MBC lineup, as a 24-episode Wednesday-Thursday drama, set to follow Arang and the Magistrate.

But that’s IF it can be cast in time, and already the production is in danger of not making that timeslot. The offer has been made to Joo-won, who’s considering the role, but that basically means zero time between Gaksital and this new drama, if he takes it. Will he never rest? I guess he wasn’t kidding about his Tae-woong hyung adoration and wanting to be just like him, because these guys don’t know the meaning of vacation.

I suppose when you’re young and hungry and you’re the hot new commodity around town, you sacrifice some zzzz’s to go from masked crusader of Joseon to secret agent man, all with a swagger and dimpled smile. We’ll see if this is the leading man to get this drama out of development hell and onto the roster for good. And I warn you now Show, if you can’t cast someone badass as the heroine, we will have WORDS.


by girlfriday (from dramabeans)


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