Joo Won as hero in “The Secret Lovers”

Joo Won is a likely candidate to become the male lead in the spy drama “The Secret Lovers”.

According to his agency Sim Entertainment, Joo Won was offered the lead role for “The Secret Lovers”.

However, he’s still concentrating on “Bridal Mask” and therefore hasn’t decided on anything yet.

Joo Won has earned himself the nickname ‘actor of success’ for his performances in KBS “Bread, Love and Dream”, “Ojak Brothers” and now “Bridal Mask”.

He is currently starring in the KBS drama “Bridal Mask” as Lee Kang-to.

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6 thoughts on “Joo Won as hero in “The Secret Lovers”

  1. He is currently starring in the MBC drama “Bridal Mask” as Lee Kang-to. whose the writter of this source…….you’re really mistaken bridal mask is currently airing in KBS 2 TV not MBC……remember that KBS 2 has a great drama movie

  2. if joo won accept the offers from MBC network … is possible that he will depart the variety show of 1N2D same like did by Lee seung-gi…..coz the 1N2D from the rival of KBS2 while the the Secret Lovers from MBC……….hhhmmmmm….confuse……for me I choose to remain in the 1N2D coz it’s lifetime but it is depends on the ratings got higher…..or else joo won must choose both 2 network if no problem…..

    • Remember Shining Inheritance aka Brilliant Legacy? That was Seunggi’s most popular drama to date, and it aired in SBS.
      At that time, his drama was super popular, yet he still stayed at 1N2D. Even hodong often mentioned and teased how he’s becoming the most hateful person to kbs president since his drama in another station doing so well.
      So i don’t think, whether Joowon’s next drama in KBS or not, i don’t think it will affect 1N2D 🙂

  3. If i’m not mistaken, Seunggi decided to quit not only 1n2d but also Strong Heart. And it’s not because he starred in a drama from their Tv station rival but because he wanted to concentrate on his album promotion in Japan *CMIIW*

    So lets hope if Juwon took this role in Secret Lovers, he would still continue his project on 1n2d. Love his cuteness there ^^v

  4. if he accepts the role, i hope his co-star will be uee~
    pls, let her be the female lead… pleasee…
    however, accept or not, i don’t think quitting 1n2d is a good idea..
    i do feel bad about jw oppa will have a killing schedule, but if you ask me, i’d rather jw oppa stay with his hyungs instead of going for another drama… he should have rest for himself. i hope Shim ent. would decide the best for him. fighting jw oppa!

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