The Concerns and Anticipations on ′1 Night, 2 Days′ New Guest Special

KBS2′s 1 Night, 2 Days has prepared a non-celebrity guest special. The attempt at a new guest special comes four months since it started up with its second season in March.

The special will bring in Korean residents living overseas to join the members in their summer vacation special series. Seven Korean residents will be brought to Korea to be paired with each 1 Night, 2 Days member and embark on separate trips. The shoot for the episode already took place recently.

From the course of the trip to its way of introducing Korea to its guests, the special is expected to closely resemble the foreign worker special 1 Night, 2 Days showcased in its first season. The foreign worker special at the time receieved favorable reviews for mixing together humor with touching moments, pointing toward a new direction variety programs could take in the future.

Following the great success of its previous special, 1 Night, 2 Days 2′s new guest special plants both concern and anticipation in the hearts of its viewers. Most of the concern comes from the fact that 1 Night, 2 Days 2 still hasn′t managed to find its own place yet.

It has, of course, settled down more than it had in its beginnings. All of the members have built their own characters, and they can put together some decent variety-type entertainment with their tangled character relations. The new members, Kim Seung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun, Sung Si Kyung and Ju Won, now mix effortlessly with the old members, Lee Su Geun, Uhm Tae Woong and Kim Jong Min, making the 1 Night, 2 Days-style games and formats fun again.

Cha Tae Hyun, who recently appeared in KBS2′s Win Win, also said, “In the beginning 1 Night, 2 Days got high ratings, but it actually felt like they were simply a continuation from the previous season’s. Now that the ratings have taken a dip and we’re watching as they climb little by little, we’re feeling like it’s really become our own program now, and we’re working hard while trying to support each other.” Like he said, the viewers seem to be adapting to the new season after setting aside their complaints about it.

The guest special thus will prove to be a challenge. The pairings will only cause a nice synergy effect when the 1 Night, 2 Days members feel confident about their time with the show. No matter how talented the members are in variety, separating the members with separate guests may only turn out awkward moment after awkward moment if not done properly.

The first season′s first guest special, featuring Park Chan Ho, came a year and four months after the show had first started up. 1 Night, 2 Days had been fighting a losing battle with SBS′ Family Outing, but with the help of Park Chan Ho it had managed to cause a nice synergy effect and stand tall as the strongest Sunday variety show again.

This said, the biggest problem for the second season′s special will prove to be the timing. Many are looking forward to the special, and it may prove to be a positive turning point for the show.

It is obvious the Korean resident special will be touching; the crucial factor is the entertainment. Will 1 Night, 2 Days 2be able to mix in the right amount of entertainment with the pairings? Viewers will be able to find out when it airs following 1 Night, 2 Days′ first summer special with SISTAR′s Bora and Cool′s Lee Jae Hoon and Kim Sung Soo.

Photo credit: KBS

Credits: CJ E&M enewsWorld Ko Hong Ju
Translation Credit: Erika Kim


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