[Nonsub] Bridal Mask Ep.18 preview

Source: KBSdrama

PS: OMG, kiss scene!!!!


20 thoughts on “[Nonsub] Bridal Mask Ep.18 preview

  1. Nooooooo! Don’t kiss this stupid woman!!!! >.< you have me 😛 jk
    but seriously i think it's too fast for the kiss scene :/ they should wait, because if the writer made MokDan confused in the last ep about Gaksital then he shouldn't make a kiss scene this fast…well that's just my opinion

    • just pray when the producer will chose again Uee to paired by joo won……….not Uee only an actress to much young actress waiting for joo won to join in acting….

  2. joo won can handle everything because he’s the older than jin se-yun almost 5 years….make sure joo won the best kisser that jin se-yun can’t forget it…..all fans can’t wait the ending of this storyline we still hoping that this drama has happy ending together the 4 become friends and to protect the joseon people……..fight….fight…fight

  3. hehheheeheh……………the fans followers now can’t sleep on what happenings for the next episodes……if ever shunji watch them kissing what he feels……so that shunji wants to catch gaksital in 2 days so that he can show he’s pure love to mokdan because he felt that lee kang to was interrupt their mutual understanding……ohhhh….no…..shunji become crazy soon when he knows that he’s bestfriend is gaksital he’s suspicious is real……what should he do…..???????he must to kill his best friend for the revenge of he’s brother or else he must to kill lee kang to because of love……hahahahahah……..just wait only if the writers wrote a happy ending i really salute you that you convince the heart of asia….

  4. OMG!!! i WANT TO WATCH THE WHOLE DRAMA RITE NOW!!!! I dont want to wait 1 month to finish watching it!!!!! Stupid Olympics making Bridal Mask only air 1 episode this week!!!!! OMG! Im like totally in love with Joo Won rite now!! Idk what to do after i finish watching this drama!!!

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