Bridal Mask added new face , Jung Eun Byul , to the cast

producer needed to add a fresh character to the cast.
They picked 27-year-old rookie actress Jung Eun Byul who will play an elite agent of the independence movement.

Her character, Jin Hong, born as the daughter of famous family who support independence movement against Japanese imperialism.
She’s excel in martial arts, gun shooting and even piloting war-planes. She’s also fluent in English, Russian and Chinese languages.

She’s plotted to make a chilling confrontation with Ueno Rie (the Japanese spy) . Both are beautiful with badass spirit.

It’s a smart move by the producer. A new fresh face will add dynamic to the previous conflict between Lee Kang To, Kimura Shunji , Mok Dan and Ueno Rie.

Jung Eun Byul’s previous dramas were short drama The First Marriage (2010) and then she played evil girl in KBS2 drama The Thorn Birds.
Jung Eun Byul’s action for Bridal Mask is started in the 21st episode.

Source : Newsen, Koreanvibe


3 thoughts on “Bridal Mask added new face , Jung Eun Byul , to the cast

  1. i hoping this women can protect her nations and countrymen until the end………..through her talents will defeat by japanese spy hoping she could kill them all so that the sufferings of people would stop……be unite gaksital and the new secret supporter of independence………..hoping commander Konno will not die, because he’s the only one persons trust by lee kang to……..must lee kang to best friend shunji would die at the end…..anyway the role of shunji the deepest of the episodes comes out he becomes like crazy dog wanted to kill he’s opponent because he upset always to catch the gaksital………..

  2. Oh.. great finally an ally on Kang To’s side… Kang To’s disguise is just going to be uncovered by Kisokai soon which places him in a perilous state.

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