Bridal Mask fights the summer heat

The cast of Bridal Mask worked very hard. They filmed outdoor action scene in the top of summer heat.
On July 31, KBS released several photos from the filming scene of the execution of Damsari, took place in Hapchon.

Several extras played dead man after a bomb exploded, they needed to lie down in the burning asphalt for several minutes while Joo Won and Park Ki Woong were dealing with bomb-fire.

Joo Won and Park Ki Woong took several vitamins to help them stay fit. Park Ki Woong said ,” Beside the hot weather, because of lack of sleep, my body’s system doesn’t do well”.

While Joo Won said ,” I know that Hapchon is the hottest place in Korea, that’s why I prepared well for it. But, this is still super hot. All of us worked very had for this drama, please keep watching our drama”.

Yes, they’re really working hard. Hundreds of fans who visited the filming scene surprised with their hard work.

Source: Koreanvibe


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