[Nonsub] [HD] Don’t Click – Unidentified video (full)

Source: cometgirl1203’s youtube channel

PS: Okay guys, hoping that there will have engsub soon, but I really can’t watch it, I’m so scare of horror movie >”<


13 thoughts on “[Nonsub] [HD] Don’t Click – Unidentified video (full)

  1. I have watched this at the cinema, but a little bit disturbed with double subtitle. it gave Indonesia and English subtitle. however, it is still worth to watch. I like JooWon in glasses xD
    and the final scene of JooWon is a no!!!!!! xP

  2. oooooooh! thank you dear!
    gonna watch it right now! never really seen a horror movie, but i’ll give this one a go. But if it’s too scary….well, at least i tried! 🙂

    • ok….so i watched it today. It’s CREEPY o.O
      if you get easily scared, please don’t watch it! I found my heart thumping like every 10 minutes, especially when the background music started to sound mysterious. I had to peek through my fingers because I hate seeing bloody ghostly figures…eeeek!
      And the ending seemed…unfinished. And Joowon’s final scene was…sad/creepy?

      • oops, sorry…i didn’t finish my comment :/
        I was half thinking, “Don’t worry, Joowon, Gaksital will save you from that ghostly freak!” , but then i was like, oh wait.. lol 🙂

      • JooWon final scene is sad and really scary.
        when I watched it at the cinema, without realizing I just open my mouth and covered it with my hand..

  3. I DLed this when it cam out and just watched it last night.
    Then when I was about to sleep I realized my laptop and additional monitor is facing my bed… ooops!

  4. I really want to watch this movie. I hope someone subs it soon since I’ve been wanting to watch a scary movie. ^^

  5. can you give any link where I could download the English subs for this movie…or else I won’t understand a single word that they are talking…. help please 🙂

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