[Nonsub]Bridal Mask behind the scene Ep.18 + kiss scene interview

Behind the scene:

Kiss scene interview:

Source: Gaksital’s Facebook

‎[Translations] By Softy:

JW: it made me tremble and it seemed (romantic/unique) cuz I am in the forest kissing a girl – it doesn’t happen – it doesn’t happen often that is why it was (-) and made me tremble. Emotionally it was a moment (m

y character) looked forward to a lot (meaning cuz K and D had been through so much to meet) so there were a lot of other emotions involved. So it seemed like it was a really difficult scene. Filled with emotions – I had to emote that I liked her. stuff like that is what made it different.
The guy off camera asks: in every project/drama you’ve been in, they all had kiss scenes. Didn’t they? JW: yes. *Guy: by any chance when you choose a project, do you check/confirm if there is a kiss scene or not? JW laughs and says: I don’t need to confirm those cuz in every project, there is always melo(drama) so there are love scenes. Cuz of that – kiss scenes come out so I don’t look at that and choose. Guy: are you sure? JW: yes I am sure.
Question was – when was your first kiss. JW: I think my first kiss I had during my performance (on stage) at that time my heart raced (thumped). I remember feeling something that you cant express in words so I trembled a lot. I am always the same –whenever I do a project, I am always good to my partner. Guy says: it doesn’t matter who she is? JW: yes. He quickly ends it by saying “Thank you.”
The girl JSY says: I trembled (during the kiss)– it’s embarrassing (cuz she is talking about the kiss now). Guy: you didn’t have any other emotions? JSY: other emotion? To be honest, if you look at it another way it could be seen as a sad scene. So I wanted to cry with tears flowing down during it, but that feeling of sadness would not surface. I wonder why (meaning it was too enjoyable) so that was too bad (that she couldn’t cry during it). the scene seemed to have more meaning. Cuz the mood/atmosphere was good. She is asked the same question about first kiss so she says: I only did it during projects. Guy asks: is this your second time? JSY: yes. I think she was asked to choose between her first kiss scene and this one – as in which was better so she stays neutral and says: who would it be. I have to think about it. I am sorry. I’m not sure.

2 thoughts on “[Nonsub]Bridal Mask behind the scene Ep.18 + kiss scene interview

  1. But for me the timing of KT-MD first kiss is bad..
    I think the kiss scene is better after they speak about how KT become Gaksital..

    ~Thanks for sharing Yoon~

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