[Spoiler] “Bridal Mask” starts collecting comfort women

The Japanese have started collecting comfort women.

KBS 2TV drama “Bridal Mask” showed the Japanese who are at war with the Chinese, gathering Korean women as comfort women for their Japanese soldiers.

Chairman Ueno Hideki (Jeon Gook-hwan) ordered police general manager Kimura Taro (Cheon Ho-jin) and head of police Murayama Yosioh for preparations to be made for the governor to respond as soon as possible as there was going to be a notice about a need to set up comfort areas for the soldiers.

As negotiations with the governer started Kimura Taro and Murayama Yosioh claimed these comfort zones had to be set up and even the governor agreed to this and ordered ‘clean women’ to be sent as ‘war supplies’.

The governor emphasized, “It must not be let known that the government stepped forward to gather comfort women as Japan is a modern state which signed the international treaty against the dealing of women and children”. Kimura Taro and Murayama Yosioh were confident this fact was going to be hidden from the government general or the army. Even if they were caught, there would be evidence.

The Japanese started tricking young women saying they were going to be nurses and made them sign the agreement contracts. They promised a pay of 50 Won a month and got Mok-dan (Jin Se-yeon) and the circus to get in on it as well. When Mok-dan and leader (Son Byeong-ho) realized the truth and stood against them the moment they tried taking everyone, they became violent and even kidnapped Seon-hwa (Son Yeo-eun) who never agreed to go in the first place.

Meanwhile, Kimura Taro told his babysitter who took care of his housework and raised his children from a long time ago, “Don’t worry and send her” when she brought her granddaughter in front of him saying she was going to work as a nurse in China.

Viewers anger that although the Bridal Mask saved everyone in the drama, in real life, everyone would have been taken over there.

Source : reviewstar.hankooki.c… ( English )

English source: http://www.hancinema.net/spoiler-bridal-mask-starts-collecting-comfort-women-46197.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


7 thoughts on “[Spoiler] “Bridal Mask” starts collecting comfort women

  1. I’m wondering if Hancinema mistranslated the last paragraph? I thought the original korean article was saying something like because Gaksital saved the girls, it covered up the fact that in real life those girls really were sent as comfort women. THUS, the viewers were unable to get adequately angry at that action.

    but…. my korean is very basic so i’m probably wrong. I just didn’t quite see why the viewers would get mad the women were saved….

    anyways …. i’m so surprised the writer decided to tackle this sensitive topic!

    • No dear,they means the fact that in history when Joseon women be collected to comfort Japanese soldiers, there was no one saved them, but in the drama Gaksital saved them, they angry at the fact that Joseon women used to be treated like that

  2. I’m glad the drama touched on this topic but it still never fails to disgust me at what the Japanese soldiers did. Ugh, puke. D:

    Joo Won, Se Yeon and Park Ki Woong still have awesome acting! (: ❤ I admire all of them so much ^^ gaksital fighting!!

  3. that’s the Japanese works in history they were very cruel to the other nations too much suffer……….i don’t know the other history in china and korea as long as i know in my own country which in philippines ……in my ancestor ……they suffered especially womens after they were rape end up of killed…..for my vision i hoping the japenese in modern today will not do that again………….

  4. the original writter of gaksital ……i read his past history he experienced and the scriptwriter for the drama who express her feelings towards her nations future ……

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