Bridal Mask’s rating almost reach 20%

Ratings Bridal Mask nearly approach of 20%, ranks at the first rated and stands outside with the others which has been broadcasted at the same time.

Ratings of Gaksital reduced a little bit.
According of AGB on 16th, the episode 21 broadcasted yesterday got rating 19.4%. This rating is lower than last week 0.1%.
Gaksital made viewer get mad when it reappears war crimes of Japanese colonialist at the late of 30s. This is reason why rating reduced.
On the episode 21th made the viewer heart flutter because Shunji suspicious of KangTo is increasing. Shunji went to Hong Joo place and learned how she could miss him when they met together, then he made a decision that Kang To is really Gaksital. Besides, Shunji also saw that Kang To stepped out from Mok Dan place, it made his doubt increasing. Eventually, when Gaksital appears at the newpaper office Kyeong Seon Daily, Shunji didn’t see Kang To at the police station. Shunji makes sure about his doubt.

On the other hand, “Beautiful You” of SBS got 7.3% and “Arang and the magistrate” of MBC got 13.3%


Engtrans: nakyung


2 thoughts on “Bridal Mask’s rating almost reach 20%

  1. I dont think it went down a bit because of people getting mad on war crimes…its because Arang came in and BY as well…the viewership competition is on the rise…but BM made most of us wonder what’s gonna happen next.

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