[Nonsub] Bridal Mask Ep.22 preview

Source: KBSdrama


3 thoughts on “[Nonsub] Bridal Mask Ep.22 preview

  1. Only thing to say is Shunji I hate you! I think the name Shunji is too beautiful to be associated with a monster like u!! This drama just gets better and better!!! ^_^

    • shunji means he’s the best actor cause you have a migraine and heart attack…….hhehehe……if the opposite lead role was very slowly the show was became boring even the lead role shows a lot of effort to do , it will waste in all…..I’m very appreciate their efforts all especially the stunts, they always receive the spike of baton and really hurt repeatedly…..i was watch always their behind the scene during fighting mistakes……it’s really hard in terms of action drama…..

      • Actually I’m taking about the actual character Shunji not about the acting or of Park Ki Woong. I think Ki Woong is an amazing actor. Lots of respect to all the cast and crew that work hard to get those action packed scenes and filming in general done.

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